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The First Year

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The First Year

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Freshman Year

Here are the top tips Clark School student panelists have been offering to high school students:

♦ Go to class.

Develop your time  management skills.

Get to know your professors.

Get involved in student societies.

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enes102Your first-year experience in the Clark School of Engineering will be challenging, exciting and fun. You'll learn things that you'll use throughout your life, meet new people, make life-long friends, study subjects you didn't even know existed, and broaden your horizons to include new ideas and abilities.

There will be many other new students going through the same experiences as you, but you won't be just a face in the crowd, or just a name on a class list. There are upper class students who will assist in your acclimation. And, of course, your professors will be available for any help or advice that you might need.

One question that always comes up from prospective students: "What courses will I be taking as a freshman in the Clark School?" The answer is somewhat dependent on the particular major that you choose and any AP credits that you have. But, in general, the first year is very similar for all majors. Below you'll find a "typical" schedule for a first-year student.

Above: If you don't know what this is now, you will after Engineering Statics (ENES 102), where you'll learn how different materials respond to a variety of forces.

Course Credits Course  Credits
Introduction to Engineering Design 3 Engineering Statics   or
Programming Concepts
Chemistry for Engineers 3 Physics I - Mechanics 3
Calculus I  4 Calculus II 4
Introduction to Writing or
General Education Requirement
3 General Education Requirement 3
Dialog With The Dean or
Department Intro Course or
The Student in the University or
General Education Requirement
Course in your major or
General Education Requirement 
Total:  14-17 Total: 16-17

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Credits

Please visit the university's Transfer Credit Center to learn more about campus policies for accepting these credits.