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Picture Yourself As A Clark School Engineer!

Prospective Freshmen Applicants

Thank you for applying to the A. James Clark School of Engineering for Fall
2017 admission. For answers regarding scholarships, your admission status
and other questions please click here.

Making a Difference

Our world is powered by engineers. Engineers create the newest products, services, and ideas to improve human health, safety, and happiness! Being a Clark School engineering student can open the doors to success for you from day one.

What do doctors, teachers, and engineers all have in common?
They all devote their work to helping people and society.
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Participating in Unique Learning Experiences

All first year engineers participate in Keystone classes to begin their engineering experience. Here at the Clark School, we want to help you build strong fundamental skills and knowledge through project driven courses. These classes include experiences such as

Building your own hovercraft in your first year as a freshman!
Students learn how to build a hovercraft and test it on a 60 foot course, working in teams to complete a hands-on engineering project in year one at the Clark School.
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Participating in national and international competitions!
Find out why student competitions are woven into the fabric of the Clark School, and how you can get involved!
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Making a Difference

With Endless Research Possibilities

The University of Maryland is considered a top research institution with a variety of different research opportunities available. In 2008 alone, external funds spent on research reached more than $112 million dollars. The entire engineering program has 8 distinctive areas of research. Some major areas include:

► Biomedical Technologies     ► Nanotechnology     ► Space Robotics
► Intelligent Transportation Systems     ► Advanced Materials

Learn more about all the research possibilities we have to offer.

With Access to State-of-the-Art Facilities

The A. James Clark School of Engineering consists of 14 different buildings and facilities, one being the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building.

The Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building was completed in 2005 and is equipped with 31 labs, several classrooms and an engineered interior with systems students can adjust and measure the changes.

Take a virtual tour of the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building and other facilities on campus!

In a Prime Location for Job Opportunities

The University of Maryland is only a metro ride away from Washington D.C.

Many of our Corporate Partners have offices in and around the D.C. area including: 

► BAE Systems     ► Black and Decker  ► Booz Allen Hamilton
► Constellation Energy   ► IBM   ► Lockheed Martin   ► Texas Instruments

We have a great working relationship with all of these corporate partners, and more.  Engineering Co-op and Career Services is your resource for helping engineering students find the perfect internships and jobs that best suits their skills and knowledge.

Multiple networking events occur throughout the year to further help engineers like you forge lasting relationships with leading corporations.

See what events are being offered now!

Having a Fun, Exciting College Experience!

The University of Maryland is a great place to experience college. As a Terp, you can:

  • Attend sporting events in packed arenas
  • Join a student organization.  We have more than 500!
  • Study abroad
  • Pursue second majors and minors
  • Experience neighboring Washington's only a metro ride away!

Find out more about being a Terp

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