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Student Video Contest Guidelines 2011

This Year's Workshop

2011 Workshop: Energy

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Morning Sessions (9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Keynote Session (12:15 to 1 p.m.)

Parallel Sessions in Kay West and Closing Session (1-3:15 p.m.)

Parallel Sessions in Kay East (1-2:45 p.m.)


Learn 15 Things that Will Empower You (Maryland Energy Administration; opens PDF)

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2009 Workshop: Energy




Focus 2011: Energy

As a special opportunity for Clark School and University of Maryland students, the Clark School is holding a video competition in conjunction with the 2011 Engineering Sustainability Workshop, whose focus is on energy.

Guidelines for the Competition

Goal of the Competition

The Clark School of Engineering seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing the energy consumption of its buildings and laboratories. The video competition seeks to involve students in this mission.


The video competition is open to individual current Clark School students at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and to teams of current Clark School and non-Clark School University of Maryland students, also at the graduate and undergraduate levels, as long as at least one member of any team is a Clark School student.

Questions to be Answered in the Video

Each video must answer the following questions in a two-minute presentation:

  1. Target: What Clark School building, and what specific aspect of that building’s energy consumption, does your solution target? (More than one building may be targeted.)
  2. Method: How would you minimize the targeted building’s power consumption? Describe the technology that you would use to reduce consumption, including as appropriate the role of people who manage and work in the building.
  3. Local Impact: Based on your best estimates, what would be the cost of implementing your solution and how much energy consumption would your solution achieve during one year of implementation?
  4. Broader Impact: Why does reducing energy consumption matter not only for our campus but also for our nation and the world?


Post your video on YouTube and mark it as Unlisted. Submit the link for the video and the name(s), email(s), year(s) and major(s) of the video’s creator(s) to  no later than 5 p.m., April 15, 2011.


A committee of Clark School faculty members will select the winning videos based, in large part, on their success in answering the questions listed above.


The committee will offer:

  • One (1) Graduate-Level Prize: $500, presentation of the video at the workshop, and a link to the video from the Clark School web site
  • One (1) Undergraduate-Level Prize: $500, presentation of the video at the workshop, and a link to the video from the Clark School web site