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Undergraduate Advising: Four Year Academic Plans & Curriculum Sheets

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Reminders when creating four-year degree plans

♦ Double check all pre/co-requisites and minimum grade requirements.

♦ Utilize the information provided on the degree planning tools site.

♦ Be sure to complete your GenEd/CORE requirements in a timely fashion. Consult your advisor if you need assistance.


All incoming freshmen must develop an academic plan (which maps out all courses needed to graduate within your intended major/degree).

This website includes sample plans format for easy revision and general instructions of how to create a personalized academic plan.

Directions for creating an Engineering Academic Plan

The goal of the Student Academic Plan Completion Policy is to promote undergraduate student progress toward a degree. Each student must create and consistently review a Four Year Plan for their major.

  1. Download the academic plan below for your intended major.
          ♦ This template serves as a guide for which semester to take a course. NOTE: In
             some departments, not all courses are offered Fall and Spring semester. Ask
             your academic advisor for this information to make sure you are properly planning.
  2. We suggest you use an excel document or spreadsheet to create your specific academic plan.
  3. Indicate on your plan any AP, IB, transfer work, or approved substitutions that may have already fulfilled degree requirements. For example AP credit for MATH140.
  4. Label your first semester and the year; for example “Fall 20_ _".
         ♦  List the courses you are currently taking your first semester.
         ♦  List your future semesters, such as “Spring 20_ _”, “Summer 20_ _”, etc. and the courses you plan to take in those semesters.
  5. Use the Schedule of Classes and Undergraduate Catalog to determine the pre/co-requisites for the courses you are required to take.
         ♦  Plan each semester based on successful completion of those pre/co-requisites courses.
  6. Once completed, review your plan with your academic advisor.
         ♦  If changes occur, you are responsible for creating a new plan and reviewing it with your academic advisor.

Four Year Academic Plan Templates

Please use the templates below as a starting point to creating your own Four Year Plan. Each link is an excel document that assumes the student will begin as a freshman who will take Math140. Directions on how to modify the plan to fit your needs are below the templates and include information for undecided engineering students and students with a declared major.

GenEd Academic Plans

Gen Ed - Four Year Academic Plan: 2016-2017

Gen Ed - Four Year Academic Plan: 2015-2016

Gen Ed - Four Year Academic Plan: 2014-2015

Gen Ed - Four Year Academic Plan: 2013-2014

Gen Ed - Four Year Academic Plan: 2012-2013

CORE - Four Year Academic Plans

CORE - Four Year Academic Plan: 2012-2013

CORE - Four Year Academic Plan: 2011-2012

CORE Curriculum Sheets

Curriculum sheets are listed below. Please consult the undergraduate catalog for the year you matriculated into the major within the Clark School of Engineering for specific degree requirements.