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Changing Major

Declaring/Changing major within Engineering (online form)
This form is for current student changing their major within the A. James Clark School of Engineering only. If you are an incoming freshman for 2013-2014 year, please notify an advisor during your orientation data. If you plan to change out of the Engineering School, contact the corresponding college/department.

Double Major/Double Degree

Double Major/Double Degree Form
Make sure to contact the advisor in your primary major before deciding to pursue a Double Major or Double Degree. Take a few minutes to review the guidelines and the corresponding Double Degree/Double Major form. If your primary major is engineering, you are required to have the signature from your secondary major advisor and the college as well as your engineering advisor before turning the DM/DD form at the Undergraduate Advising Office and Academic Support Office in 1131 GLMH.

Exceptions to Policy Online Forms

The Clark School of Engineering takes requests for exceptions extremely seriously. We will consider exceptions to academic policy only in rare and extraordinary circumstances. Be sure to select the exception option that best describes your situation. Depending on your request, the form will ask you tp complete and submit information necessary to review your petition. Exceptions to Policy submissions are typically reviewed on Tuesdays and Thursdays during a regula semester and once a week during the summer and the winter terms and they can take between 3-10 business days to be processed.

Credit Overload-(exceeding number of allowable credits in a semester/term)
Late Add of a Course
Third Attempt of a Course
Register for a Time Conflict
Drop More than Four Credits
Exceed 18 Credit Repeat Limit
Late Drop of a Course
Late Graduation Application
Other-(If your request does not appear to be one that is listed, you may complete an Exception To Policy in the "Other" category.  Typical requests of this nature include: Grading Method Change, late Paperwork Submission, etc.)


Graduation Letter Request to Employer (online form)
THIS REQUEST IS FOR EMPLOYERS ONLY. The Graduation Letter Request can only be processed upon successful completion of all remaining courses and meeting all University requirements. This form is for Undergraduate Students Only. If you are a Graduate Student, please contact your department.

Graduation Paperwork
The Graduation Worksheet is to be completed the semester that you actually graduate. Make sure to: 1) Apply for Graduation, 2) Complete the Senior Survey, 3) Graduation Worksheet, 4) Print the online Degree Navigator Student Audit, and 5) Return graduation paperwork to 1131 Martin Hall.

LATE Graduation Worksheets need to be submitted with an Exception to Policy Form [online form].

Request to Walk in Engr. Commencement Ceremony [online form will be available 11/3/14-12/15/14]

This form is ONLY for students who will complete their degree requirements during the summer or winter terms, but who wish to participate in the PRECEDING spring or fall commencement ceremony.

  • To participate in the fall commencement ceremony, you must be registered to complete your final 4 credits or less during the following winter term. Though you may be permitted to participate in the fall commencement ceremony, you will officially be a spring graduate.  
  • To participate in the spring commencement ceremony, you must be registered to complete your final 7 credits or less during the following summer term. Though you may be permitted to participate in the spring commencement ceremony, you will officially be a summer graduate.

For permission to participate in the commencement ceremony preceding the semester in which you will graduate, please complete the following online form: Request to Walk in Engr. Commencement Ceremony.  PLEASE DO NOT complete the formal graduation application for the semester in which you requesting to participate in commencement.

You must submit this “request to participate in commencement” form at least two weeks prior to commencement in order to be granted permission.

Please note that permission to participate in the engineering commencement is based upon space availability. Please also be aware that this permission is only for the engineering commencement, as only graduation candidates are permitted to participate in the University-wide ceremony.

*Participating in the Engineering graduation ceremony does not guarantee graduation from the University. You are still responsible for following the graduation application procedures during the semester in which you will actually graduate. Please visit our Graduation Timeline page.

For additional information about graduation ceremonies go to the Commencement page.

International Students
The University does not issue invitation letters for guests to visit the USA to attend commencement ceremonies. These letters are not required by the embassy to issue a B2 visa. The graduating student should submit a copy of their I-20 or DS-2019 to the relative applying for the tourist visa. You can also send an Enrollment Verification Certificate along with the copy of your passport.

The B2 visa is designated for tourist activities, such as sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, obtaining medical treatment, etc. No invitation letter is needed if the purpose of the activity is to sightsee and visit in the United States.

Request to take Graduate Courses

Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degrees Form [pdf]
With the approval of the Department and completion of program requirements, an undergraduate degree-seeking student can request to join the combined bachelor's/master's (BS/MS) program. In the BS/MS program, graduate level courses initially taken for undergraduate credit may also be applied towards the graduate credit requirements for a master's degree program at the University of Maryland. Return form to 1131 Martin Hall.

Graduate Credit Permission Form [pdf]
An undergraduate degree-seeking student with approval can apply to take a course for graduate credit only.

Steps to follow when completing form:

  1. Top part to be completed by student
  2. Department Certification- to be signed by student's major Department
          - Department Contacts Information
  3. College Certification- to be approved by the School of Engineering (1131 GLMH)
  4. Graduate School Review- to the Graduate School for approval (2133 Lee Bldg.)

Permission to Take a Graduate Course for Undergrad Credit [online form]
Complete this form if you wish to take a graduate level course and have it count for undergraduate credit.

Steps to follow when completing form:

  1. Top part to be completed by student
  2. Departmental Academic Advisor should sign to give permission and denote what the course will count for in the degree
  3. Professor of Grad-level course should sign to give permission to 1131 GLMH Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support

Permission to Enroll in Another Institution and Guidelines

If you would like to take a course at another institution, please make sure to read the Student User Guide [pdf] before completing the Permission to Enroll in Another Institution Form [online form for student's use only]. When completing the form, make sure to type the other institution course prefix and course number. 


  1. The A. James Clark School of Engineering requires a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA in order to approve PTE request, which means that if you are a new freshman or transfer student, you will need to wait until final grades of your first semester at the University of Maryland are posted and GPA is calculated.
  2. Student needs to meet UM pre-requisites as well as other institution pre-requisites.
  3. A. James Clark School students are not allowed to repeat courses at another institution if they have earned a grade, course(s) need to be retaken at the UM. Students are able to take courses at another institution if they have drop a course, have a "W".
  4. Athlete students are required to take their first 24 credits at UM.
  5. Students may transfer no more than 60 credits of their degree from a two-year college and 90 credits from a four-year institution
  6. Final 30 credits must be taken at UM (in extenuating circumstances Exception to Policy form can be submitted)

Please do not submit this form until March for Summer or Fall and End of October for Winter and Spring request. Processing time for Permission to Enroll forms can be between 3-10 business dates.

Have institution send an official transcript to University Maryland after you complete the course at that institution.

For Orientation Purpose Only

45 Credit Review Contract (Gateway criteria that students must satisfy in order to continue study in and engineering major.)

FERPA Form (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

Major Change for New Students