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The Clark School’s Future Faculty Program

Meet Future Faculty Program Alumna Prof. Enlu Zhou

Enlu Zhou

I successfully landed a tenure track academic position at the University of Illinois right after my Ph.D. graduation. This was partly due to what I learned through the experience in the Future Faculty Program (FFP). The program talked about every aspect in landing an academic position, including how to work towards that goal during graduate life, how to prepare application materials, and how to handle interviews. I also gained the experience of teaching and mentoring through the practicum, which gave me an advantage in the job application process and a head start in my career. The FFP goes far beyond that; it also educates extensively about the whole academic career, including research, teaching, grantsmanship, service, and networking. Being a young assistant professor now, I am still benefitting from what I have learned at FFP.


Cultivating Tomorrow’s Great Engineering Teachers

Apply NowAs a leading academic institution, the Clark School has a responsibility to help produce the great engineering teachers future generations of students will rely on. While many Clark School alumni have already secured academic positions around the world on their own initiative, we have created the Future Faculty Program to:

  • Increase the number of highly qualified teachers the Clark School produces for the world’s engineering schools
  • Prepare selected Clark School doctoral students to achieve career-long success in the academic world as teachers and researchers
  • Place selected students in leading institutions where their impact can be greatest and where they can continue to partner with the Clark School

This year the Clark School Future Faculty Program has expanded to include PhD Students from the Department of Computer Science.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities (You must be on campus to access)
Since some of you will decide to do a postdoctoral fellowship prior to obtaining a faculty position, we have undertaken to compile a list of postdoctoral opportunities. We are focusing on institutions that grant fellowships on a regular basis.

Congratulations to the 2016 Future Faculty!

Name   Department   Advisor
Daigo Shishika   AE   Derek Paley
Elaine Petro   AE   Ray Sedwick
James Andorko   BIOE   Christopher Jewell
Ali Asadabadi   CEE   Elise Miller-Hooks
Yan Liu   CEE   Cinzia Cirillo
Zheng Zhu   CEE   Lei Zhang
Yuan Xue   CEE   Barton Foreman
Fudong Han   ChBE   Chunsheng Wang
Tao Gao   ChBE   Chunsheng Wang
Ramakrishna Padmanabhan   CS   Neil Spring
Assaf Magen   CS   Eytan Ruppin
Mahfuza Sharmin   CS   Sridhar Hannenhalli
Mossaab Bagdouri   CS   Douglas Oard
Zhe Cui   ECE   Ashok Agrawala
Ahmed Arafa   ECE   Sennur Ulukus
Vidya Raju   ECE   P.S. Krishnaprasad
Yupeng Zhang   ECE   Charalampos Papamanthou
Ramin Bighamian   ME   Jin-Oh Hahn
Guang Chen   ME   Siddhartha Das
Zhiwei Huang   ME   Reinhard Radermacher
Colin Miller   ME   Michael Gollner
Ryan St. Pierre   ME   Sarah Bergbreiter
Xingfeng He   MSE   Yifei Mo
Donald Jenket   MSE   Mohamad Al-Sheikhly
If you are a Clark School doctoral candidate who is considering participating in the program, please:
  1. Review the Future Faculty Program course descriptions
  2. Review list of current and past future faculty fellows
  3. Review roster of current program faculty members
  4. Review list of Clark School alumni that are now holding academic positions
  5. Apply to the program

We look forward to discussing your interests.

For more information about the Future Faculty Program, please contact:

Peter Kofinas
(301) 405-7335


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