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The Board of Visitors assists the Clark School in gaining recognition and support as a leader in engineering education and research. Members provide the dean and school leadership with objective information and intellectual stimulation, advising on a wide range of issues that include strategic planning, corporate relations, fund raising initiatives, communications strategies and other opportunities. As knowledgeable and dedicated advocates of the school, members help attract and engage a diverse group of supporters and serve as liaisons between the Clark School, industry, government and other academic institutions.

Member Directory

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Jean-Luc Abaziou

Mr. Jean-Luc Abaziou
Techno-Sciences, Inc.

Rajeev Batra Mr. Rajeev Batra
Mayfield Fund

Kimberly BrownDr. Kimberly Brown
CEO and President
Amethyst Technologies, LLC

William Calhoun, Jr. Mr. William Calhoun, Jr.
Executive Vice President
Clark Construction Group, LLC

Warren Citrin Mr. Warren Citrin
Founder and CEO

Paul DeLia Mr. Paul DeLia
Corporate VP Science & Technology and CTO
L-3 Communications Corporation

P.Douglas Dollenberg Mr. P. Douglas Dollenberg
Nottingham Properties, Inc.

Jeanette Epps Dr. Jeanette Epps
NASA Astronaut
former CIA Technical Intelligence Officer

Emilio Fernandez Mr. Emilio Fernandez
(Immediate Past BOV Vice-Chair)

Managing Director
Pulse Capital LLC

Dr. Robert E. Fischell Dr. Robert E. Fischell
CEO and Chairman
Fischell Biomedical, LLC

Mr. T. Paul Gaske Mr. T. Paul Gaske
Executive Vice President
Hughes Network Systems, LLC


William Gausman Mr. William Gausman
Sr. Vice President
Asset Management & Planning
Pepco Holdings, Inc.

Scott GreenhausMr. Scott Greenhaus
Executive Vice President                      
Structural Group, Inc.


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Brian L. HinmanMr. Brian L. Hinman
Co-founder & CEO
Mimosa Networks


Ali HirsaMr. Ali Hirsa
Managing Partner
Sauma Capita, LLC


Dana (Keoki) JacksonDr. Dana (Keoki) Jackson
Chief Technology Officer
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Ray O. JohnsonDr. Ray O. Johnson
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Chris JonesDr. Christopher T. Jones
President, Technical Services Sector
Northrop Grumman Corporation

William E. KoffelMr. William E. Koffel
Koffel Associates, Inc.

Ronald W. LowmanMr. Ronald W. Lowman

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 G. Lee LushbaughMr. G. Lee Lushbaugh, Jr.
Sr. Vice President
Bechtel Group, Inc.

Mr. Joseph S. Makar Mr. Joseph S. Makar
Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP


Mark MillerMr. Mark Miller
Vice President, Research & Engineering
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Rajan MittuMr. Rajan Mittu
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
ESCgov, Inc.

Arthur MorrishDr. Arthur Morrish
Vice President & CTO, Business Operations,
L-3 Communications

Ram MukundaMr. Ram Mukunda
India Globalization Capital

J. Scott Ogilvie Mr. J. Scott Ogilvie

James Redifer, BOV Chair Mr. James L. Redifer

Jenny Regan Ms. Jennifer F. Regan
(Vice-Chair of the BOV)
CEO and President
Key Technologies, Inc.

Tim ReganMr. Timothy J. Regan
(BOV Chair)
President and CEO
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Joseph Reyes Mr. Joseph Reyes
President, Orion Enterprises


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Raymond P. Schiavone Mr. Raymond P. Schiavone
President and CEO, Quark, Inc.


Thomas A. Scholl Mr. Thomas A. Scholl
(Immediate Past BOV Chair)

Alex Severinsky Dr. Alex Severinsky
CEO, Fuelcor LLC

Phillip TanMr. Philip Tan
INTOUCH Holding, Plc.

Jaime Valencia TanDr. Jaime Valencia
Senior Advisor
ExxonMobil Upstream Research

Pedro Wasmer Mr. Pedro Wasmer


Mr. Keith Williams Mr. Keith Williams
President & CEO
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Tom Wilson Mr. Thomas L. Wilson, Jr.
Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Orbital ATK Space Systems Group

Phillip Wiser Mr. Phillip R. Wiser
Chief Technology Officer
Hearst Corporation

Stephen J. Woerner Mr. Stephen J. Woerner
President and Chief Operating Officer
Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

Steve ZaminskiMr. Stephen P. Zaminski

Emeritus Directory

Steve DubinMr. Steve Dubin
SDA Ventures, LLC.

Delon HamptonDr. Delon Hampton
Chairman & Founder
Delon Hampton & Associates

Ram MukandaMr. Ram Mukunda
India Globalization Capital

Dr. Marilyn R. Berman PollansDr. Marilyn R. Berman Pollans


Saul Seltzer Mr. Saul Seltzer
President, S. Seltzer Construction Corporation

Charles Waggner Mr. Charles "Chuck" Waggner


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