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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff: A Driving Force

Searching for a Faculty or Staff Member?

There are several ways to access information on Clark School faculty and staff:

View the directory of department chairs and institute directors.

View the Clark Administration page.

Visit departmental web sites.

Use the University of Maryland faculty and staff directory.

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments Archives

Keystone Professors

The Keystone Program selects members who demonstrate both exemplary skills in teaching undergraduate students and a commitment to excellence in fundamental engineering courses. Keystone Professors ensure students the best learning experiences early on, aiming to improve student retention and graduation rates.

View current list of Keystone professors.


Behind each major Clark School advance of the last five years—growth in research expenditures to more than $125 million, completion of the multidisciplinary Kim Engineering Building, financial support for undergraduate education through the Clark Scholarship Endowment and for bioengineering through the gifts of the Fischell family, and on and on—are creative and dynamic faculty and staff members who envision progress and work to make it happen. They are the driving force that propels the Clark School forward, and this site will help you find out more about them:

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