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The Clark School Engineering Sustainability 2009


Morning Session 9:30-1pm

Afternoon-Kay Boardroom East, Rm 1111

Afternoon-Kay Boardroom West, Rm 1107

About Specific Workshops

2009 Workshop: Energy

Proposals for Near-Zero Emission Technologies Due May 12

The Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory seeks proposals for development of sensor and control systems to support implementation and operation of highly efficient, near-zero-emission power generation technologies such as advanced combustion,  gasification, turbines, fuel cells, gas cleaning and separation technologies, and carbon capture. More
information regarding DE-FOA-0000059 is available HERE.

Needed: Your Ideas

The university has a climate action plan to become carbon-neutral by 2050. Your input is needed. Click on the link, take a look, and let us know your thoughts.

Power Down for the Planet

Be part of an effort to reduce the energy consumption of computers and cut CO2 emissions by an estimated 54 million tons by 2010. Go the Power Down for the Planet website to pledge your commitment, and help the University of Maryland show it’s the most energy-efficient campus in the country.



Sustainability does not happen by chance. It must be engineered.

That’s why, each year on Earth Day, the Clark School invites its own faculty members and students, interested people from other University of Maryland schools, and guest speakers from industry and government, to come together for the Clark School’s Engineering Sustainability Workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to present and propose ways to maximize technology's positive impact on the long-term availability of natural resources, and to minimize its negative impact. The workshop offers presentations, demonstrations, and discussions in which all may participate. At the conclusion of the workshop, a list is made of new ideas for sustainability initiatives proposed by attendees; this list will be posted on this website for future reference and possible development and execution.

Each year we select a particular sustainability focus, and ask a related campus organization to act as co-sponsor of the event with the Clark School. In 2009, the first year of the workshop, the focus is on energy and the co-sponsoring organizations are the University of Maryland Energy Research Center and Office of Sustainability. In future years, the school will select other foci and partners.

We encourage all to join us and contribute new ideas for engineering sustainability.

ecohouseEcoHouse Seeks Eco-Minded Students

This one-year, living-learning program for sophomores and juniors focuses on environmental sustainability. Apply by April 17. Visit for application materials and more information.


Left: See how EcoHouse takes learning outside of the classroom.